0.10 mm lash trays.


the product:
Stay classy lash nerd-style with our black semi-matte classic tray. Practical & easy to use, they were created for creators like you. Build a bomb biz with these black & soft lashes that your clients will be OBSESSED with.😍  New artists geek out over our classic tray because UA lashes are true to size & clearly labeled with curl, diameter and length. Because you should focus on being a bomb lash artist, not on searching for the right spec. 

the facts(TL;DR):
✔ single extensions with a 1:1 ratio 
✔ hand crafted, high-quality Korean PBT
✔ 16 rows per tray 
✔ available curls: B, C, CC, D, M, L+
✔ available diameter: 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18
✔ available lengths 7-15 mm
✔ available in single length or mix trays 
✔ true to size 
✔ foil black sticker for no residue
✔ semi-matte
✔ clearly marked & labeled  

the tea:
💡 Increased porosity = stronger attachment & longer lasting lashes 👏
💡 Densely packed so more bang for your buck 
💡 UA mix tray comes with MORE strips of common lengths, so you don’t run out super quickly